About Us


To serve the needs of the poor Orphaned Muslim children and to equip them with life skills, knowledge and self-assertiveness required for them to live independently. The required needs include food, shelter, education, parental care and love, security, guidance and opportunity for a brighter future in accordance with the Islamic values and teachings.

Our Goals

Our aim is to temporarily house group of Filipino Moslem children, who are in the worst conditions now in the country and there is a feeling of great demand for this service, children who might be otherwise homeless after several military operations in the Southern Philippines, orphaned and fatherless and children who have little or no chance of education and development.

Corporate Values

We strive for excellence in all that we do.
We treat each individual with quality with dignity and respect.
We will never give up caring for any child regardless of ethnic or tribal origin.
We honor the changing family in a changing world.
We are good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


The concept of Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation Incorporated evolved from the hearts and minds of the founders in the year 2002. The family have been pondering and reflecting that there are a large numbers of orphans in many parts of the world especially those oppressed Moslem children in Israel, Afghan, Africa and in our own country who are in need of our love and care. As a Moslem, they felt that they have a tremendous obligation toward these children to be living in such a situation but they didn't have adequate resources to address the children's emotional and social needs except that these children only have ALLAH (GOD) to rely on.

The family realized that they must do something in any way in helping the orphans especially the Moslem children. In several occasions during the giving of zakat which is equivalent to the 2.5% of the income of Moslems which is one of the pillars in Islam, they realized that there are many compassionate Moslem people wanting to help the Moslem orphans not mentioning their Christians friends and circles. They only need an assurance that their contributions would indeed benefit the children. Therefore, they feel that those of us who have been blessed with money, comfortable lives and happy families (Thanks be to Allah Almighty) have responsibility to feed, clothe and care for the young children, in the same manner they care for their own children.

They also gain further encouragement from the words of our beloved Prophet (Salalahu Asalam) (Sun 107:2) the Prophet said "I and the person who looks after orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this" (putting his index and middle fingers together Salih Al Bukari-Vol 8 Hadith, no.34) With these feeling and encouragement from the words in Quran the family decided to buy a land in Silang, Cavite and build this village from their own efforts and money. With ALLAH'S (GOD) help and mercy, they were able to put their dreams, cause into a reality to help Filipino Moslem orphaned children.

Founders & Board of Trustees

President and Founder:Mona Evangeline Lagazo Fabian
Treasurer and Founder:Tahani Karisma Fabian Al Assal, MD
Director and Founder:Arlene Datu Alimurong, CBA

Executive Board

Program Manager:Carmen P. Vicente, RSW
Asst. Program Coordinator for Education:Ms. Maria Fe Companero
Program Coordinator for Sustainability & Livelihood Project:Engr. Mosaad Abdel Fattah
Program Coordinator for Health Care:Tahani Karisma Al Assal, MD
Village Administrator:Mr. Lino Monge
Finance Head:Ms Joanna Eurice Barcelon – CPA
Auditor:Ms. Edith Guevarra