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Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation

Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation School

Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation School was registered in Department of Education in the year 2004 for NKP and Elementary School. We have already started High School. It aims to provide Integrated Academic and Islamic Education and values towards the all-round development of the child. The curriculum is based on the Department of Education program. Islamic Education is being taught including Arabic lessons. They are taught how to read, write and speak Arabic. Other services include tutorial, arts and crafts, swimming lesson, sports and talents, computer application and cultural development.

Dar Amanah believes that Education is the key to hope and possibilities. Annually, the school opens its door for poor but deserving children from the community. For high school three residents were granted scholarships.

Two of our orphans who made Dar Amanah School proud are Mandoh Ahmad (Elem. level) and Manaf Muhmin (High Schoo level) garnered 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Al Qur'an Recital held in Malaysia last June 2-6, 2011.

Guiding Principles

  • Affirm that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad, may he be blessed, is His Servant and Messenger.
  • Promote the proposition that Islam is the only way of life, established by Allah (SWT) that can bring success in this life as well as in the Hereafter.
  • Understand that the highest standards of moral behavior and conduct are what make a man or woman, the best of Allah's creation.
  • Encourage the appreciation of lifelong learning within an environment of excellence.
  • Recognize and value the individuality of every students, challenging each to his or her full potential and educate the whole child, helping him/her to aquire skills to insure a lifelong physical, spiritual and mental well-being.
  • Believe that a partnership exists between the home and the school which must be utilized to bring maximum benefit to the student.
  • Appreciate and seek to learn from our cultural differences in the context of our one, united Islamic Community.
  • Seek and nurture outstanding Muslim faculty and staff who love Islam, the teaching profession and teaching young people.
  • Maintain an up to date curriculum and instructional methods that surpass, the most excellent programs available.
  • Provide individual attention and small class size as a key to bringing out the best potential in every student.
  • Become the role model within and outside the village.


The DACV FOUNDATION SCHOOL will provide and promote the highest level of education in a nurturing Islamic environment; raising future generations of students with a strong moral character and excellence in both Islamic and academic education.

  • To teach Muslim children to be good Filipino citizens by developing their awareness of their role in the society and in the country.
  • To help these children excel in learning and be able to compete with their counterpart in passing the standards of learning mandated by the Department of Education.
  • To mold these children to become morally and spiritually upright according to the Islamic teachings.
  • To nurture their IQ's and EQ's to prepare them to globally in the fast paced world of technology.
  • To help the government serve quality education to the under privileged children both the residents and the community
  • To integrate Islamic and Arabic subjects with the Department of Education Curriculum.
  • To incorporate technology, business and agricultural skills in their curriculum in preparation for their life outside the village.


DACV FOUNDATION SCHOOL are dedicated to the achievement of the following goals:

  • Teach and inculcate Islamic faith, values and traditions
  • Maintain an Islamic environment to achieve the above
  • Provide the high standard of education
  • Teach our students to excel in their lives and activities
  • Incorporate Arabic language as part of their lives
  • Inculcate self discipline in the students
  • Encourage students to be ambassadors of Deen-ul-Islam
  • Develop community and leadership qualities
  • Build strong moral character, based on the principle of integrity, honesty and sincerity, respect for others, property and other resources, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility


The goals will be achieved by implementation of short and long term objectives. Some of the objectives are as follow:

  • Providing a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • Employing qualified, dedicated, and committed faculty and Staff
  • Measuring and evaluating students' performance through regular classroom tests, special assignment and projects, standardized and norm referenced test as applied by Department of Education.
  • Providing regular and timely feed-back to parents on student's performance
  • Establishing a larger and more convenient school premises with support facilities – computer lab, science lab, auditorium/gym, and a play-field
  • Promoting clubs - debating, Quran, speech, literary
  • Utilizing support services made available by the Department of Education, parents and community
  • Encouraging contacts with other Islamic Schools and promoting Healthy competition athletics and games, spelling bee, Quran, debate literary

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Instructional Program

  • Curriculum - at DACVFS, the students are required to study the regular academic subjects, in context of the guidelines provided by the Department of Education as embodied in the Standards. These include: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, English (reading, writing, literature, etc.), as well as Islamic Studies/Qur'anic Studies. Writing Skills and Speech, Arabic Language and Craft will be incorporated in the curriculum of the aforementioned classes, with particular emphasis in the higher elementary grades.

    The curriculum is divided into three (3) broad areas:

    • Islamic Studied
    • Academic
    • Enrichment

  • Pre-School (Pre-K) - this is the entry point of the curriculum. The Pre-K students starts to study, acquir skills, and form attitudes from this level and then move on through the school. The individuality and abilities of the students are the guiding principles.

    Age-appropriate materials and tasks are provided in a caring and stimulating environment. Pre-K students are guided at their pace to acquire mastery mostly (at their level) in these major areas:

    • Motor Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Pre-Reading Skills
    • Math Skils
    • Writing Skills
    • Language Skills
    • Physical/Science
    • Socializing/Emotional Skills

  • Elementary - the curriculum is implemented through the concept, approach that considers each child as an active learner and partner. The teachers are facilitators who encourage and challenge th students to meet and maintain high academic achievement, prepared to make well-reasoned. thoughtful and healthy lifelong decisions.

    Standard goal for the student should be:

    • Information managers
    • Effective Communications
    • Numeric problem solvers
    • Creative and critical thinkers
    • Responsible workers
    • Resource managers
    • Cooperative workers
    • Effective Leaders
    • Multicultural sensitive citizens
    • Involvement of families. "It takes a village to raise a child."

  • Islamic Studies - Islamic Studies is a vast field of study. It includes Aqeedah or the monotheistic belief system, Ibadaat or worship, or dealing, Akhlaq or morals, Seera or the Prophet's (SAS) life history in general. It also includes the study of Tafsir or explanation of the Holy Quran, Hadith or the Prophet's (SAS) saying, to name some areas.

  • Qur'an - The care and respect of the Mushaf are also emphasized, along with the regularity of its recitation.

    The focus is on:

    • Hifz (memorization)
    • Tilawah (recitation with Tajweed)
    • Tafsir (explanation)

    The applicability and practice of Allah's (SWT) commands are illustrated and emphasized. This approach also strengthens the Islamic culture.

  • Arabic Language - is a lunguage of Allah (SWT) – in the Qur'an and Jannah. It also serves as a second language. The use of the Arabic Language helps the students to understand their Deen and to validate their identity.

    Areas of emphasis include:

    • Reading
    • Listening and Comprehending
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
    • Conversation
    • Writing

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