The Farm

The Farm (Mini-forest and Herbal Medicines garden)

Abundant variety of bearing and non-bearing fruit trees which serves as venue for various lessons on waste segregation, composting, and other environment related lectures. It's herbal medicine garden is a great source for immediate & alternative medicine to cure common ailments.

The Farm long term goal is to provide daily food for the orphans, providing hands on training and be able to develop their business acumen and more importantly, it will create a social impact as it will improve the lives of the orphans without solely depending on the donations from outside individuals and groups. Workers are local residents who have been with Dar Amanah since its first operation.

Fruits and Vegetables

For the past years, yields from seasonal vegetables and fruits that are organically grown have been augmenting the daily nutritional food consumption of the children. Any excesses are sold to small entrepreneurs of Barangay Hoyo for them to resell for an added income. Crops include tomatoes, eggplants, stringbeans, radish, pechay, hot pepper and other roots crops like ube and taro. Fruits includes: papayas, pineapples, guayabano, mangoes and rambutan. There are also coconuts, corn, bananas and calamansi, black pepper and coffee. These are all for sale and we are scouting for a place where we can market Dar Amanah products to a more profitable price. Insha Allah.

In the making is the Mini Eco-farm/park in partnership with the Allied Motors Philippines, Inc. but also open to any individuals or groups who has the passion in saving the mother earth. We are open for any help be it material, or financial and or human resource.

Land area is approximately 3000 sq meters near a creek that could be transformed into a fishing nook.


In an attempt to educate and develop the orphans' business acumen at an early age, Engr. Mosaad Abdel Fattah, Sustainability and Livelihood Project Coordinator, identified children who has interest on poultry raising. He's been involving them in every step of the process on poultry through inputs from Engr. himsel and from the workers. Their involvement includes feeding using vegetables and fruits remnants, classifying of eggs, when to put and remove the eggs and newly hatched chicks from incubator to the nest of the hens, proper recording, to name a few.

Projections for the poultry is also discussed among the children the workers so that in the future they will be assured of starting their own business either by selling the halal chicken meat, eggs and /or live organic chicken, ducks, turkey, and saso. To date, there's a need to improve the poultry house with water and drainage system to accommodate more fowl birds and ensure their safety. Also needed are volunteers who will share their expertise on proper care for the chicken to reduce mortality.


Right now the Orphanage has 5 goats and 5 sheep. We are planning to increase its number so that soon it will also be an added sustainability project for the orphans' need through its halal meat.